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A family club dedicated to preserving the legend of the Ford Mustang 

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How it Works



Check-in in Dearborn from 7:00 am - 8:45 am.



Pick up your envelope with your show tickets.



Go to the shows at the times designated on your tickets.

Each is a unique experience.



Get one of our coveted goody bags.




The Fine Print...

Vehicles must be Ford powered.

No daily drivers please - except Mustangs.

We are unable to accommodate spectators at this event.

You must register in advance to participate. No day-of registration.



 Registration is Closed



Frequently Asked Questions


Why aren’t you holding the regular Mustang Memories
show at Ford World Headquarters or even somewhere else?

We’d love to be back at Ford WHQ, but for lots of good reasons, Ford isn’t allowing events like ours until next year. Given the amount of planning required and the uncertainty of the pandemic, we didn’t feel it feasible or appropriate to search for another venue. And it wouldn’t be the same anyways. We held the Road Tour last year and the response was nothing but positive so we’re taking what we learned and making it bigger and better this year. Who else but MOCSEM could do that?


Are spectators allowed? 

Unfortunately, no. We are not able to accommodate spectators at this event unless you bring them in your car.


How many people can I bring? 

As many as will fit in your car, not including the trunk. This isn’t a drive-in.


Why won’t you tell us the locations in advance? 

That’s actually part of what makes this event fun, the act of discovery. That and our ability to direct how many go where and when. And we make navigating easy for you by giving you a QR code on your tickets that you can scan with your smartphone to get directions.


Is there judging and awards? 

We want you to enjoy the casual nature of the day so there isn’t any judging or formal awards. There may be a couple vendor choice awards, but there’s no need to polish the inside of your exhaust tips for that.


Can I register at the event? 

Unfortunately, no. You must register in advance HERE. Space is limited for this event so we expect to sell out before the event anyways.


Is there an alternate rain date? 

No. This is a rain or shine event.


Do I have to be a MOCSEM member to attend? 

Absolutely not. But when you see how amazing MOCSEM events are, you may want to join. We’ll have a membership deal at this event that makes that decision very easy.


How do I volunteer to help? 

Mustang Memories doesn’t happen without volunteers. Helpers will be posted for the day at one of the locations and will mainly direct participants in and out of the shows throughout the day and may perform some other simple jobs. Of course you’ll get a T-shirt, lunch and goody bag for helping. You don’t need to register to participate in the show, just sign up HERE.

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